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Kubo Combustion Efficiency Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Kubo Combustion Efficiency Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., is a company established in 1978 in India. We manufacture and supply Oil field and speciality chemicals catering to various industries like Bulk Drugs, Dyes, Agro Chemicals, Refining, Petrochemicals and others.

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CAS Registry No. : 5308-25-8
Molecular Weight : 114
Empirical Formula : C6H14N2

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1,4 Diethylpiperazine

CAS Registry No. : 6483-50-7
Molecular Weight : 142
Empirical Formula : C8H18N12

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CAS Registry No. : 109-01-3
Molecular Weight : 100
Empirical Formula : C5H12N2

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